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Dr. Narendra Chopde

Senior Surgical Gastroenterologist & GI Endoscopist

Senior Surgical Gastroenterologist and GI Endoscopist in Pune - Dr. Narendra Chopde

Dr Narendra chopde is a Surgical Gastroenterologist, Advanced Gastro- intestinal endoscopist and bariatric Surgeon. He has  got a total 8 years of experience in this field. He has completed his graduation in MBBS and Post graduation in MS(General Surgery) which is affiliated by MUHS, Nashik. He has completed a Fellowship in Advanced Gastro-intestinal endoscopy from Pratibha digestive diseases and Endoscopy centre and Advanced Laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgery recognized by MUHS, Nashik.

He has  worked as Assistant Professor in BJMC, Pune, DY patil Medical college, Pune  and MIMER medical college, Pune and as a Consultant GI Surgeon at Lata Mangeskar hospital, Nagpur. Presently he is a Director at PrecisionPlus superspeciality hospital, Pune and Visiting Consultant Gastro- intestinal Surgeon at SKNMC, Pune . He is also a Visiting Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist at Ruby hall clinic Wanovri, Pune, Rao Hospitali , Sahyadri Hospital Hadapsar, Inamdar Hospital, Noble hospital and  Chellaram hospital, pune..

He is specialized in Basic and Advanced Endoscopic procedures like Banding, Sclero , glue injection for Bleeding Oesophageal varices, Clip application for Bleeding and perforation, foreign body removal, PEG, Oesophageal and colonic dilatation, Oesophageal and colonic Stenting, Colonic Polypectomy, APC ,ERCP CBD and PD stenting , Metallic stenting for Biliary drainage,ERCP stent  removal,Endoscopic  Pseudocyst drainage, Naso- Biliary drain, Naso – Pancreatic Drain, ESD, EMR, Band EMR etc.

He also specializes in Weight loss procedures like Intragastric Balloon and Bariatric Surgeries. His special interest is in Chronic Liver diseases like Alcoholic Cirrhosis, hepatitis, Autoimmune diseases, NASH and liver related problems. Specialized in Hepato- pancreato Biliary  Problems, gastritis, Chronic diarrhoea and Constipation, Inflammatory bowel diseases and Irritable bowel disease.

He was a speaker in 20th International conference on Gastroenterology hepatology and digestive disorders in 2020 and presented many oral presentations, video presentations  and e-posters in national and international conference.

  • Director & Head Consultant Advanced Laparoscopic, Endoscopic, Laser Bariatric & GI Surgeon at Precision Plus Hospital, Undri, Pune
  • Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist at Pratibha digestive diseases and Endoscopy centre
  • Consultant in Advanced Laparoscopic and GI Surgeon at LataMangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur
  • Assistant Professor of General Surgery at B. J. Medical College, Pune
  • Assistant Professor in General Surgery at Maharashtra Institute of Medical Education and Research is a medical college in Pune
  • Senior registrar Oncosurgery at Inlaks&Budhrani Hospital in Pune
  • Assistant Professor of General Surgery at Dr. D.Y. Patil Hospital & Research Center, Pune
  • Senior Resident Surgery at Smt. KashibaiNavale Medical College and General Hospital, Pune
  • Fellowship in minimal access bariatric and advanced laparoscopic surgery at LaparoObeso Centre, Pune
  • MBBS – Karad Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad – 2008
  • MS General surgery – M.U.H.S, NASHIK – 2014
  • Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery – MUHS, Nashik – 2017
  • Fellowship in upper and lower endoscopy – World Laparoscopic hospital, NEW DELHI – 2019
  • Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopy – IEF and OSSI, laparo- Obeso centre – 2017
  • Advanced laparoscopic surgeries
  • Endoscopic surgeries
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Complicated open surgeries
  • Proctology i.e. (Laser treatment of Piles, Fissures, Fistula, and Pilonidal sinus)
  • Open Surgical Procedures like Hernia, Hydrocele, Appendix, Exploratory laparotomy for Trauma, Peritonitis, obstruction, volvulus, and strangulation.
  • Breast- Excision of fibroadenoma, MRM, microdiscectomy, and Incision and Drainage of Breast Abscess.
  • Endocrine- Total thyroidectomy, Hemi thyroidectomy
  • Pediatric Procedures- Circumcision, herniotomy
  •  Uro surgery- Diagnostic Rigid and flexible Cystoscopy, TURBT, DJ Stent Removal.
  • Ureterolithotomy
  • Laparoscopic Procedures- Diagnostic Laprascopy and Lap Appendix and Lap Cholecystectomy, Lap hiatal hernia repair, lap hernia repair.
  • Diagnostic Upper GI Scope
  • Therapeutic endoscopy – Biopsy, Banding, gluing, sclerotherapy
  • Lower GI scopy- diagnostic and taking biopsy
  • Successfully Completed observership of fifteen days at Asia Institute of gastroenterology of upper and lower giscopy, ERCP, EUS, and enteroscopy.
  • Successfully Completed CEMAST training for Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery
  • Successfully Completed Johnson and Johnsons Advanced laparoscopy training
  • Successfully Completed Johnson and Johnsons Lap Bariatric workshop
  • Successfully Completed Bostons workshop and training on Laparoscopic bariatric surgery affiliated with the international center of excellence and IFSO
  • Completed MIPH workshop at BJMC, Pune.
  • Successfully Completed hands-on training in lap gynaec procedures under an Ex AIIMS faculty
  • Successfully completed Fellowship in upper and Lower GI Endoscopy at World Laparoscopic Hospital in 2019
  • Successfully completed Mastercourse in Laparoscopic Hernia Course at CEMAST, Mumbai
  • Successfully Completed Hands-on Experience in Endoscopy conducted by Fujinon in 2020
  • Taenia Induced Ileal Perforation and Peritonitis (A case report by Dr.NarendraChopde, Dr. A.V. Darokar, Dr.VeenuGayathriChopde at International journal of Science for Medical and Dental Research ( IJSMDR). https://www.ijsmdr.org)
  •  Diabetic Remission in Laparoscopic MGB Vs Lap Roux-N Y gastric bypass – A retrospective study In international obesity journal under process
  • Study of Acute generalized bacterial peritonitis at masicon 2013
  • Diabetic Remission in lap MGB vs lap Roux-N Y gastric bypass – a retrospective study at masicon 2018
  • Taeniasolium induced ileal perforation peritonitis – a rare case study at an upgrade to premium to remove watermark masicon 2013.
  • Impalement injury- a rare case report at masicon 2012
  • AMASI (Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India)
  • DOSS (Diabetes & Obesity Surgical Solution)
  • PSS (Poona Surgical Society)
  • Indian Association of Gastro-intestinal Endosurgeons
  1. Received Navbharat healthcare  Summit and Awards 2023 for Excellence in Surgical Gastenterology by the hands of Hon. Cabinet Minister of  Co-operation  Gov. of Maharashtra Mr Dilip Walse Patil.
  2. Received MAIER Awards 2022 for best Surgical Gastroenterology of Pune and Pride of Pune for his contribution and Excellency in the field of Clinical practice  (Gastroenterology) by the hands of  famous Actress Prarthana Behare
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Ram Anandan
Ram Anandan
We came all the way from Madurai (TN) Dr Narendra Chopde & Dr Lalit Banswal - Both were super brilliant. I was pretty impressed with their decision making and executions. My mums case were complicated/critical (incisional hernia - mesh was sticked in the intestine) and was operated exceptionally well with 6 hours of surgery. With this hysterectomy were also done. Thanks to the team. My mum is fine now gods grace🙏 My sincerest gratitude to the Precision Plus Super speciality hospital. Cheers. Long way to go!
Hariprasad Anandan
Hariprasad Anandan
I haven’t seen such a great doctor with so much knowledge !! He took care of mom with great care before and after the operation. All the treatment was given with all perfect Medication.
Adam Shaikh
Adam Shaikh
I am satisfied by my treatment related to my gut problem. Dr Narendra Chopde is really a very caring and knowledgeable doctor thank you Sir.
Kamlesh Kumar
Kamlesh Kumar
I am from gorakhpur. I am feeling much better after your treatment. I have shown many doctors in Pune and gorakhpur but I was disappointed. The moment I met Dr Narendra Chopde Sir. Half of my illness got cured.I will recommend this doctor 100% because his diagnosis accumen is far superior.
Jawatmal Solanki
Jawatmal Solanki
The management of my son's health problem of Viral hepatitis was par excellence. Your diagnosis and the perfect treatment had made my son recover fast. The diagnosis, treatment and healing touch of the doctor is incredible and much appreciated. Overall my experience with the doctor and hospital is good.
Kailas Ingle
Kailas Ingle
Very nice hospital, doctors and good support staff
ajay sarangpure
ajay sarangpure
He is a Dynamic Gastroenterologist... Well experienced and Superfine Surgical Hand...👍👍
Shehnaz Degani
Shehnaz Degani
Dr Narendra Chopde is an excellent doctor.... Knowledgeable, patient and understanding. He is very wel updated with all the modern procedure and treatments. He has all the qualities of an outstanding doctor. Thanks a tonne dr Narendra Chopde !